Philips ZM1010 Nixie Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2020-08-18  


The Philips ZM1010 is a mundane side view Nixie tube with an unusual feature; a cylindrical anode screen. Unlike most other Nixies, the ZM1010 does not have an opaque backing or mica sheet at the top of the tube, the anode mesh is a cylinder that surrounds the digits on all sides. This give the tube an exceptional 360 degree viewing angle, a useful trait for modern Nixie clocks which typically feature fully exposed tubes mounted to a slab-shaped case. The ZM1010 contains a standard decimal numeric character set and also has a left-side decimal point. Digit height is 14mm and the tube envelope is 18mm in diameter and 32mm high, not including nipple or pins. The ZM1010 uses the same specialized temperature-resistant base as the ZM1000, and is designed to be soldered directly to a printed circuit board.


Philips ZM1010 Nixie Tube
Philips ZM1010 Nixie tube display, normal operation.

Philips ZM1010 Nixie Tube Display
The ZM1010's circular anode mesh provides a robust viewing angle compared to other Nixie tubes.

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