Texas Instruments Business Analyst Calculator  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2020-01-07  


The Business Analyst is a common finance-oriented derivative of the Texas Instruments TI-30 and was released in 1976. The calculator has a nine digit LED display, one digit of which is reserved for the displaying the sign. Each digit has a convex magnifier lens attached to increase the readability of the tiny die-based LED strip display. The calculator uses rechargeable batteries which can be recharged while installed inside the calculator, though any original batteries have likely erupted into a blob of green corrosion long ago. This calculator uses a TMC0982 chip, the same chip as used in the extremely popular TI-30 calculator. This particular example was manufactured in the 18th week of 1977, and would have originally sold for $49.95.


Texas Instruments Business Analyst
Texas Instruments Business Analyst handheld calculator. The serial number on this unit is 12823.

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