Consolidated Dalton Time Lock Movement  
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The Consolidated Time Lock company was a prolific manufacturer of time locks from 1880 until 1906, and made use of many different models of time lock movements during that period. Dalton time lock movements of this type were produced from between 1905 and 1906 for use in Consolidated two and three movement time lock mechanisms. The movement itself consists of a South Bend size 18 pocketwatch movement connected to a large external mainspring and readout dial.The entire assembly is mounted in a heavy nickel-plated brass enclosure. This timelock movement can operate on a delay of up to 76 hours; the small metal tab at the bottom of the dial interfaces with the rest of the time lock, and will move to the left when the movement's dial reaches zero. Originally the watch movement would have been protected behind a transparent glass crystal, but the crystal is long since lost on this example. Like most time locks, this Dalton movement is made to an exceptional level of quality, with polished nickel plating and engraving work covering every outside-facing surface.

H. M. Dalton produced these timelock movements for only three years, from 1904 to 1906. Earlier movements, produced in 1904, can be easily identified by their white porcelain dials. These movements make use of Elgin pocketwatch movements with a Consolidated badge mounted over the pillar plate. Movements made from 1905 to 1906 are equipped with black dials and South Bend pocketwatch movements. In 1906 Dalton ceased production when the Consolidated Time Lock company was bought out by Victor Safe Lock, though it is believed that this design may have been refined and used in Banker's Dustproof time locks, which entered production in 1907.


Consolidated Dalton Time Lock Movement
Consolidated Dalton time lock movement, ready to protect Scrooge McDuck's money bin.

South Bend Size 18 Pocketwatch Movement
This time lock makes use of a South Bend size 18 pocketwatch movement for its timebase.

Consolidated Dalton Time Lock Patent
This cutaway diagram shows the internal construction of Dalton's modular time lock movement.

Consolidated Dalton Time Lock Teardown
Dalton time lock movement, exploded view.

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