Philips ZM1000 Nixie Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-11-28  


The ZM1000 is a common, European model of Nixie tube, which was used in a number of different products. This tube's most notable feature is its unusual white glass base, which is equipped with a non-standard gird-shaped array of pins. This strange base serves a purpose; most tubes will fail if their pins are heated with a soldering iron, but the ZM1000 can withstand being directly soldered to a printed circuit board due to its unusual base design. Sockets were also produced for ZM1000, allowing it to be mounted in a more traditional fashion. The tube is otherwise fairly conventional in construction, and has a digit height of 14mm and a total height of 50mm. The ZM1000 was produced by multiple manufacturers in Europe, including Philips and Amperex.


Philips ZM1000 Nixie Tube
ZM1000 Nixie tube, at rest. The unusual base was designed to be directly soldered to a printed circuit board.

Amperex ZM1000 Nixie Tube Display
A trio of ZM1000 Nixie tubes, operating normally in a panel mount voltmeter.

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