Westinghouse 1B32 Spark Gap Tube (532A)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-04-19  


The 1B32 is a medium-sized spark gap T/R cell tube produced by Westinghouse for use in the AN/TPS-2 radar system as well as later SCR-270 radar installations. The 1B32 has a breakdown voltage of 1000 volts, and is filled with an unidentified low pressure gas. The heatsink is likely an aftermarket addition, and is attached to a threaded stud on one of the tube's electrodes. The other contact contains the tube's evacuation nipple. This tube was produced in versions with both black and red print, the black print variant is shown here.


Westinghouse 1B32 Tube
Westinghouse 1B32 T/R spark gap tube. Unlike many other T/R cells, this tube contains only two electrodes.

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