Soviet Mosaic Incandescent Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-08-13  



Although Soviet incandescent displays are not often seen in the West, they do exist, and and function much in the same way as their American-produced counterparts. Their construction style is completely different however, at least if the device shown here is any example. Each segment of this readout is a separate transparent block, molded into a complex shape to interlock with the other blocks in the display. The outside of each block has been painted with black paint, with the coating then stripped from the portion of the segment where light exits the front of the display. This black paint is the only thing which compartmentalizes the light produced by each digit; there are no plastic baffles like the ones used in many Western incandescent displays. The blocks are locked into a metal frame and held in place with individual metal machine screws. The display is very thin, much thinner than the incandescent displays produced by Alco and Dialco, and the sturdy machined aluminum face likely allows this display to take extreme punishment. A back-mounted PCB holds the 6.3 volt lamps and a standard pin header for connection. Not much is known about the maker or intended use of this display, other than that this example was salvaged from a piece of Soviet military equipment.


Soviet Incandescent Display
Soviet incandescent display, normal operation.

Soviet Incandescent Readout
This display contains seven 6.3 volt lamps mounted to a PCB backing.

Soviet Mosaic Incandescent Display
The segments are made out of painted plastic blocks. Each segment block is differently shaped, and they lock together in a complex pattern.

Russian 5 Digit Incandescent Display
A module constructed from five of these displays, showing how they would be mounted for use. A groove in the top and bottom edge of each display allows mounting with clamps and screws.

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