Burroughs 7153 Nixie Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-07-17  



The Burroughs 7153 is a large, top-view Nixie tube encased in a stubby cylindrical envelope. This tube is about 20% larger than Burroughs' more plentiful Nixie offerings like the B-5092, and has a digit height of 20mm. Interestingly this tube still uses a standard diameter 13 pin Burroughs socket... the pins are located in the center of a large glass button to accommodate the tube's increased envelope size. The example shown here has seen significant amounts of use, which has caused the glass to cloud over with disintegrated cathode material.


Burroughs 7153 Nixie Tube
Burroughs 7153 Nixie tube, normal operation.

National 7153 Nixie Tube
The 7153 uses a standard 13 pin Nixie tube base, despite having a much larger diameter envelope.

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