AD206B Minitron Decade Counter  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-07-10  



The AD206B is a base-ten counting module which makes use of a Pinlite DIP650 minitron-style incandescent readout for digit display. The AD206B is built around a Texas Instruments 74144, a 4 bit TTL counting IC with an integrated 7 segment driver. Most of the 74144's functions are brought out to a 14 pin connector on the back of the device, which also supplies power for the minitron display. The use of a minitron allows for an exceptionally simple circuit to be used, since the cathode resistors typical for a LED 7 segment readout are not needed. The Pinlite DIP650 mounted to the front of the display is a rather clumsy device however... the DIP650 uses the same envelope and display elements as the much smaller Pinlite MD650, but mounts these in a bulky plastic enclosure in order to provide a traditional DIP pin layout.


AD206B Minitron Driver
AD206B minitron decade counter, normal operation.

Pinlite DIP650 Display
The AD206B is equipped with a Pinlite DIP650 incandescent display, which is mounted in a frontal socket.

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