EMI 9536 Photomultiplier (9536A)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-03-21  



The EMI 9536A is a large, 10 stage photomultiplier tube intended for use in scintillation counters and similar equipment. Of note is the tube's use of 'venetian blind' dynodes, which increase resistance to magnetic fields as well as giving the tube a very distinct appearance when viewed through its end window. The tube has a 14 pin diheptal base similar to the type used on many large end-window photomultipler tubes. The 9536A is considered to be a direct replacement for the Dumont 6292, RCA 6342 and Hamamatsu 7696 and can be used interchangeably with these parts

The example shown here was originally the property of the Ohio State University physics department. New tubes were shipped from EMI in a ridiculously oversized padded carton, which locked the tube in place with 5-inch foam baffles on all six sides.

EMI 9536A Datasheet (PDF, 2218kb)


EMI 9536 Photomultiplier
EMI 9536 photomultiplier.

EMI 9536B Photomultiplier
The photocathode of the 9536 is doped with Antimony Caesium for use with gamma ray scintillation counters.

EMI 9536 Photomultiplier Datasheet
EMI 9536 photomultiplier, dimensions and pinouts.

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