Toyo Musen 1D-E14 Tuning Eye Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-04-09  


The 1D-E14 is a small low voltage tuning eye tube intended for use in portable battery powered radios. Manufactured by Toyo Musen, the 1D-E14 has a narrow band of phosphor which varies in width based on a control signal. This tube is quite small for a tuning eye tube, and has an envelope length of approximately 42mm. Voltage requirements are also very low, as would befit a battery radio tube... in the thumbnail photo, the target voltage is 9 volts and the filament voltage is 1.4 volts. Unlike most tuning eyes, this tube has flying leads instead of rigid pins, and is designed to be permanently soldered into place.


Toyo 1D-E14 tuning eye tube
Toyo Musen 1D-E14 tuning eye tube, normal operation.

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