Beckman SP-450 Alphanumeric Variant Panaplex Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-01-24  


Beckman produced a number of late-era, flat packed panaplex displays with the SP-450 part number, all of which have a similar construction style but differ dramatically in layout. This SP-450 variant is particularly large, and is equipped with 32 alphanumeric characters arranged in two rows. A small evacuation nipple is present on the back of the the display from the pumpdown and neon-filling process, but all other connections exit the sides of the display along the sealing seam. These connections are a combination of printed conductive traces and spring loaded leads, the latter of which are fused to the display with a bead of solidified frit. This display is so large that the manufacturer had to include four internal glass pillars between the two rows of characters for added structural support.


Beckman SP450 Panaplex Display
Beckman SP450 panaplex display, alphanumeric variant. This neon display contains two 16 digit rows of alphanumeric characters.

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