AEL 4004 LED Display (AEL4004)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-12-04  


The AEL4004 is a obscure model of LED display with an early style of construction. Each digit is made up of an individual LED die, which has been mounted to a piece of white ceramic and encased in a plastic boat with gold leads. This display is extremely small for a 6 digit alphanumeric device; the digits are only 3mm high and the entire display is 26mm long... only slightly larger than a standard 18 pin DIP. Strangely, the package has not been designed for symmetrical side to side mounting, as there is a large border of 'dead space' on either side of the display ceramic. This probably contributed to the AEL4004's lack of success in the market, as the primary driver of LED production in the early 1970s was for use in pocket calculators, which require displays that can be mounted side-by-side in multi-package arrays. The example shown here was produced in 1974.


AEL 4004 LED, normal operation.

AEL 4004 Display
The AEL 4004 contains six alphanumeric LED dies bonded to a gold and ceramic wafer.

AEL4004 LED Display
Strangly, the AEL 4004 is constructed in such a fashion as to prevent horizontal tiling, limiting its use to applications requiring six or less characters.

AEL 4004 LED Readout Tray
AEL4004 LEDs were bulk packed in fitted styrofoam trays.

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