Pinlite 430 Minitron Display (MD-430)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-11-19  


The Pinlite 430 is one of a handful of ultra-miniature minitron displays produced for applications where the benchmark KW-105 was simply too large. These obscure displays are actually about 30% smaller than the KW-105 and MD-650 displays typically used for miniature applications; digit height is 6mm and the entire display is 9.5mm high. The 430 is equipped with shorter filaments than it's larger brothers and operates at only 4 volts, typical circuits include a diode in series with each segment for 5 volt TTL compatibility. Additional design complexities are introduced by the unusual tubular base used by this display, which requires use of an specialized socket. Perplexingly, the standard socket for this device actually has a larger footprint than the display itself, negating all of the size advantage of the display's smaller dimensions. Allegedly a socket with integrated diodes for TTL compatibility was also produced, but the supply of such in the surplus market is as thin as ether. The modern builder would likely have to solder flying leads to the base of the display if they intended to use one in a project.


Pinlite 0430 Minitron Display
Pinlite 430 minitron display, shown next to a MD-650 minitron for comparison. The 430 is approximately %30 percent smaller than standard footprint miniature minitrons..

Pinlite 430 Display
The Pinlite 430 uses a weird tubular socket, which can be very hard to find.

Pinlite 430 Socket
Ironically, the socket used for this minitron has a larger footprint than the display itself. An interesting side note; this is the exact same socket as that used in various MSC incandescent fiber optic displays.

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