MSC 351-24662-001 Incandescent Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-08-12  


This compact single digit incandescent display, manufactured by MSC, is constructed out of fiber optic light pipes which have been cast in resin to form a seven-segment digit. The segments are lit by 3mm incandescent bulbs in an aluminum block, which are soldered to a small carrier PCB in the base of the device. This PCB is designed to be replaced as a single unit when a bulb fails, a pair of screws in the back of the display can be removed to gain access to the PCB module. MSC manufactured this model of display in both flying lead and edge connectors, the latter of which are designed to mate to a special keyed edge connector on a driver PCB. The modern builder who is considering replacing the bulbs with LEDs would likely have to replace the entire bulb carrier PCB in order to make the conversion.


Master Specialties Corporation 351-24662-001 Incandescent Display
MSC 351-24662-001 incandescent fiber optic display, powered to normal brightness.

Master Specialties Corporation 901A1B1WC9 Incandescent Display
MSC made versions of this display in both flying lead and PCB edge connector variants.

Master Specialties Corporation 351-24662-001 Incandescent Display
This display does not have individually replaceable lamps, instead the entire lamp PCB can be removed and replaced when the display is dismantled.

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