Electronic Products 7616 / EP72M Geiger Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-06-09  


The EP-72M/7616 is a small cylindrical Geiger tube capable of detecting alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. The front of this tube is sealed with a thin mica window, which allows weak alpha radiation to penetrate the tube and ionize the neon and halogen gas within. LND still manufactures a version of this tube, the LND-7616, which is a popular choice for electronic enthusiasts looking to upgrade the commonly available CDV-700 Geiger counter for increased sensitivity. The 7676 is ideal for this task, as it is small enough to fit inside the original probe that this meter was equipped with, though the builder would be required to cut a hole in the end of the probe if they intend to use the alpha particle detection feature of this tube.

LND-7616 Datasheet (PDF, 144kb)


Electronic Products 7616 / EP72M

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