Litronix DL1414 & Hewlett Packard HPDL1414 LED Displays  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-05-20  


Devices included in this entry:

Siemens DL1414T (plastic DIP)
Litronix DL1414T (plastic DIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Hewlett-Packard HPDL 1414 (plastic DIP)

The DL1414 is a smaller, less capable version of the well known DL2416 alphanumeric LED display. The DL1414 contains a 7 bit ASCII decoder, display ram, and character generator that provides sophisticated logic control of its four alphanumeric digits. The 1414 lacks the cursor generation and display blanking of the 2416, but the omission of the pins for those functions results in a display that is both smaller and easier to drive than a 2416. This LED display was manufactured by several different companies including Litronix, Siemens, and Hewlett Packard, though the Litronix version of this part is by far the most common.

Siemens DL1414 Datasheet (PDF, 365kb)


Litronix DL1414 LED Display
Litronix DL1414 intelligent LED display, normal operation. This is by far the most common variant of this part number.

DL1414 Alphanumeric LED Die
DL1414T LED die structure, 30x magnification. Note the Litronix logo in the corner of the die.

Siemens DL1414 LED Display
Siemens DL1414T LED, normal operation. The Siemens version of this part features a flat black finish on the front face of the display.

A DLR2416 (and a DL1414) installed in a custom test fixture.

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