Soviet Melz OG-8 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-03-06  


The OG-8 is a very unusual high speed counting tube. The tube is a single guide, unidirectional design with a metal octal base. The tube has 20 bent cathodes under a heavy shade ring, five of which are brought out to individual pins on the base. The tube's rated counting speed is 100Khz and the fill gas in unknown, though it appears to contain a mix of hydrogen and other gases. The OG-8's anode voltage is much higher than other dekatrons: the tube must be driven at over 500 volts to achieve ionization. Normal dekatron driver circuits have trouble spinning the OG-8, and the home experimenter should not expect a stock spinner design to work reliably with this tube.

OG-8 Datasheet (PDF)


Soviet OG-8, installed in a test socket.

Soviet OG-8, ionization glow.

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