Burroughs B-5560 Nixie Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-02-22  


The B-5560 is an oddity, an upside-down mount tube. Unlike most side view nixie tubes, which have leads exiting the bottom of the envelope, the B-5560's leads exit at the top of the envelope. Digit height is 13mm and the height of the envelope is 30mm. Announced in 1967, Burroughs lauded the B-5560 as having a 24% narrower envelope than competing devices, allowing for tighter placement in multi-digit displays. The B-5560 is primarily used in Hewlett Packard test equipment.

Note: Despite the color in the photo, the discharge from this tube is orange like other nixie tubes. The bright pink glow in the photo is an artifact of the high amount of UV generated from the glow discharge.


Burroughs B-5560

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