Soviet Anod OG-3 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-01-13  



The OG-3 is a single-pulse dekatron with 40 cathodes and an unusual extra output cathode. This dekatron's 20 kHz counting speed is largely due to its helium-hydrogen fill, which gives the tube a purple discharge. The OG3 is currently the most common dekatron in the world, as Soviet surplus floods the international market. This example is a somewhat rarer metal base variant. It should be noted that while it was historically common to blindly refer to all Soviet tubes as being manufactured by 'Sovtek', the example shown here was actually manufactured by Anod.

Soviet Dekatron Datasheet (PDF)


Soviet Anod OG-3 Dekatron Tube
Soviet Anod OG-3 dekatron tube.

Soviet Anod OG-3 Dekatron Tube
The Anod OG-3 is a single pulse dekatron with three guides and 40 cathodes.

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