Longines Wittnauer A7 Aircraft Clock  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-03-05  


World War 2 and the buildup immediately preceeding it saw the manufacture of numerous different types of aircraft clocks, and this Longines Wittnauer A7 clock is one such example. A7 model clocks differ from the much more common A6 model in that they have a 'pendant wind' winding stem which exits the bottom of the case instead of extending vertically below the 6-o-clock position. A metal plug has been pressed into the winding stem hole that would have been used in an A6 model clock. This clock makes use of a Jaeger LeCoultre 201M caliber movement, a relatively high end time-only movement with a 7 jewel lever escapement. This model of clock was also manufactured with a less common and more expensive 14 jewel movement.


Longines Wittnauer A7 aircraft clock, at rest.

This model of clock uses a Jaeger LeCoultre 201M movement.

Backside of A7 clock. Like most aircraft clocks, this model has two threaded plugs to allow access to the winding gears and regulator.

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