Stanley Readout Edge Lit Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-01-24  


Not all edge lit displays are designed to display numbers. This Stanley Readout display contains five dimpled plates that can be combined to generate a number of different 'waveform' type patterns. Five small lamps soldered to a PCB at one end of the display provide the light needed to illuminate the plates. This PCB is attached to a terminal strip along the bottom of the display with wires; the example shown here has no solder on its terminal strip, suggesting this display was never installed in a piece of equipment. Strangely, no provision is provided to replace the lamps, leading us to believe this display was intended for a piece of consumer equipment that would have been disposed of instead of repaired.

Note that in the photo, two of the five plates are illuminated to make the displayed waveform.


Stanley Readout wave display, normal operation

Unlike many edge lit displays, no provision is provided to replace the lamps in this device.

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