Babcock SP-101 Panaplex Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-01-07  


The SP-101 is a large single digit bathtub panaplex, one of only a handful of single digit panaplex models that was produced in any quantity. Alternately manufactured by Sperry, Beckman, and Babcock, the SP-101 has a digit height of 25mm, about twice that of the industry standard SP-352. The SP-101 also has colon separators, an uncommon feature for bathtub panaplexes, which makes this an ideal display for a clock projects. This display saw use in survey and construction equipment as well as other outdoor applications, where its large size and sunlight readability gave it a distinct advantage even well after the introduction of LEDs. A common accessory, custom fitted heater coils, were used to prevent the display from freezing in cold weather.


Babcock SP-101 Display
Babcock SP-101 panaplex display, normal operation.

Babcock SP101 Tube
With digits over twice as high as a benchmark SP-352, the SP-101 is one of the largest single digit panaplexes produced.

The SP-101 was often used with a heater block like the one shown here, which prevented the display from malfunctioning in low temperatures.

Babcock SP-101 panaplex
Always time for neon.

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