8422 / CK8422 Series Nixie Tubes  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-09-26  


Devices included in this entry:

Burroughs 8422 (0-9 display)
Raytheon CK8422 (0-9 display, pictured in thumbnail)
Raytheon CK1903 (symbol tube)

Also known as the B-5991, the 8422 is a common Burroughs top-viewing Nixie, which features a moderate digit height in a compact envelope. The 8422 displays digits 0-9, with no decimal point. Raytheon manufactured a variant of this part under their 'Datavue' trademark, the CK8422. The example shown in the thumbnail is a rare engineering sample variant of the CK8422, which is marked with a paper label instead of a traditional printed part number.

Raytheon also made a symbol tube companion to the CK8422, the CK1903. This tube displays plus and minus symbols and has a special reduced size anode mesh to match the size of the digit stack.


Raytheon CK8422 'Datavue' nixie tube.

Burroughs 8422, normal operation.

Raytheon CK1903 'Datavue' nixie symbol tube, a companion to the 8422. The CK1903 displays plus and minus symbols.

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