Teltron 1149 Orthicon Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2013-05-27  


An Orthicon tube is a large camera image sensor that saw widespread use in television broadcast cameras from the 1940's to 1980s. Orthicon tubes incorporate a transparent photosensitive plate that is scanned from behind by an electron gun; this allows all the components of the tube to be arranged linearly, a significant advantage over the unwieldy Iconoscope tubes they were designed to replace. Iconoscope camera tubes had an opaque photocathode material that required the scanning electron gun to be placed in front of the point where light entered the tube. This example, an 1149 tube made by Teltron, is fairly representative of the construction style used in Orthicon tubes. Though Teltron is best known nowadays for their physics and educational tubes, they were prolific producers of camera imaging tubes during the Cold War.


Teltron 1149 Orthicon Tube
Teltron 1149 Orthicon tube.

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