Litronix Single Digit LED Display with Magnifier (Unknown P/N.)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2012-09-19  



This unidentified Litronx display appears to be a direct competitor to the Monsanto MAN-4; it has the same pinouts and utilizes a similar reduced-die construction. To counteract the laughably small digit size resulting from the use of single bar elements for each digit, Litronix has equipped this display with a large built-in magnifier that dominates the front of the package. Each LED bar element has four circular active areas arranged along its length, which gives the display its bitmapped appearance. The ball bond wires are attached to each die via oblong pads located between the active LED areas. We have been unable to fully identify this part, but suspect it must date from very early in the history of LED production based on an extremely crude construction quality that leaves one wondering if these displays were made under duress in some sort of imaginary LED gulag.


Litronix Single Digit LED Display
Unidentified Litronix LED display, normal operation. This model of display is easily recognized by its large built-in magnifier.

Litronix DL10 LED Bubble Display
At 30x magnification, the extremely crude level of construction in this display is easily visible.

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