Wamco KW104S-DP Minitron Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2012-04-20  



Nothing epitomizes the conservative nature of the aerospace electronics industry more than this hilariously over-engineered decimal point display. Whereas a sane person looking for a decimal point to pair with a filament readout would simply use one of the many available incandescent bulbs on the market, Wamco decided that the only proper way to tackle this problem was to build an entire minitron display just to contain a single decimal point filament. THe KW104S-DP is made from the same ceramic and glass bathtub as Wamco's other minitron displays, and contains a short stub filament suspended from two pins. The rest of the display face is painted black, which hides the large empty void that makes up the majority of the display's interior. The KW104S-DP is the same height as a KW104 or KW105 display, which makes for easy tiling of multiple display elements into a single module.


Wamco KW104S-DP Minitron Display
Wamco KW104S-DP minitron display, normal operation.

Wamco Bargraph Minitron Display
In a pinch the KW104S-DP can be used to make impromptu minitron bargraph displays.

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