Transitional GC10B Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2012-02-26  


This mysterious device is an undocumented transitional form between the first generation Ericsson GC10A and GC10B glow transfer counters. This tube is marked as being a "GC10B" in the standard early Ericsson white print, but instead of neon, the tube is filled with helium much like a GC10A. This strange device also has an identical internal construction to the Ericsson GC10A shown above. We are unsure how this tube came to exist; it could be an early prototype or engineering sample of the GC10B that predates the decision to use a neon fill gas, or it could be a manufacturing error or specialty item for a specific vendor.


Transitional Ericsson GC10A Dekatron Tube
Mysterious GC10B dekatron tube, operational photo.

Transitional Ericsson GC10B Dekatron Tube
Mysterious GC10B, box and print style.

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