Surface Mount LED Display with Magnifier Lens (Unknown Mfr.)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2012-01-18  



This unusual device is a tiny surface mount LED display with a twist: a built in magnifier. This device can display normal seven-segment characters and has a decimal point indicator, but lacks the second ground contact common to other displays of this general form. The leads on this example are clipped, but it is likely that the display originally had quad inline leadforming based on the way the contacts have been clipped. Digit height on this display is only 1.5mm and the tiny, vaguely comical built-in magnifier lens does little to improve the size of the displayed digit. We have no idea who manufactured this strange LED, but suspect from the construction style that it was probably made by Litronix.


MAN3A LED Display Variant
This tiny unidentified display is the same size as a Monsanto MAN-3, but has a built in magnifier bubble.

Vintage LED Display with Magnifier
This very small device is designed for surface mount installation.

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