Eaton Two Movement Time Lock  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-12-30  


A time lock is a special type of clock designed to be mounted inside of a bank vault or high-security safe. Time locks are designed to prevent robberies by sealing a bank vault until a designated amount of time passes, which prevents a potential robber from kidnapping the bank manager after hours and forcing him or her to open the vault door. This time lock mechanism, manufactured by Eaton, is a typical example of the style of time lock used during the Cold War. The lock contains two complete and separate spring-driven clock movements for redundancy, either movement can trigger the lock's release mechanism. Each movement has a dial with a small pin attached that indicates the amount of time remaining before the vault can be opened; the pins engage levers along the bottom of the movement that free the bolt on the vault door when the dials are at the zero position. Note that in the thumbnail the cover and bolt-work for the lock have been removed to allow the movements to be seen. The dials are set and the movements wound with a key that inserted through a pair of small holes on the face of the lock.


Eaton two-movement time lock with cover removed.

Eaton time lock with front cover installed. Note the magnifier lenses positioned above each movement dial.

Eaton time lock movement, side view. Each movement can run for up to 120 hours.

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