Ericsson RYG10 Magnetic Beam Switching Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2023-09-27  



This bizarre device could easily be considered the most unusual counting tube ever made. The Ericsson RYG10 is an early two-electrode magnetic beam switching tube, which utilizes the crossed-field effect to implement a 10 stage decade counter in a single tube envelope. Unlike a Dekatron, which displays its count through the ionization of a low pressure fill gas, the RYG10 is a hard vacuum device that uses phosphor coated targets to display count position. These funnel shaped targets, which are located in a ring at the top of the tube, are lit sequentially by the rotating electron beam projecting from the center of the tube. A specially designed socket and external magnetic ring are required for the RYG10 to function correctly; the socket includes a raised flange that centers the magnet in the proper position relative to the tube's axis. The RYG10 has a maximum counting speed of 1 MHz.


Ericsson RYG10 Magnetic Beam Switching Tube
Ericsson RYG10 sleeve type magnetic beam switching tube, normal operation.

Ericsson RYG10 Decade Counter Tube
The RYG10 is an exotic decade counter tube that displays its own count on phosphor coated targets.

Ericsson RYG10 Beam Switching Tube
Ericsson RYG10 packaging. The RYG10 will not function correctly without its specially tuned external magnet and centering socket.

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