Soviet Reflector ILV2-5/7M2 VFD Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-10-04  


The ILV2-5/7M2 is an uncommon Soviet 5x7 VFD matrix with a special trick, the ability to display characters in full RGB. This colorful device contains 105 pixels arranged in five rows of 21, and has a separate red, green and blue pixel for each position. The tube is packaged in a standard 'bubble' style flat envelope common to many Soviet displays and has a side nipple and separate glass stiffener bars that have been cemented into place around the edges of the display. Despite this readout's RGB status, full color image display is almost impossible due to the large asymmetrical gaps surrounding each pixel; this display excels mainly when displaying static infographics of very low color depth.


ILV2-5/7M2 VFD display
Soviet-made ILV2-5/7M2 5x7 RGB VFD display, normal operation.

RGB VFD display
The ILV2-5/7M2 has 105 individually controllable pixels and can produce a number of characters and visual effects.

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