Soviet Gazotron MTX-90 Thyratron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-09-22  


The MTX90 is a small neon filled thyratron designed specifically for use as a latching single dot indicator, and has a curved glass magnifier incorporated into the top of the tube envelope for this function. The MTX90 was used in a myriad devices in the former Soviet Union, and a causal Google search will turn up examples of the tube lurking in everything from wall switches to quackery-medical skin care lamps. Interestingly, the tube's leads come pre-clipped to length from the factory and each lead has a ball of solder installed on it's base for easy soldering, much like a modern ball grid array integrated circuit.


MTX90 neon gas thyratron, normal operation. This tube finds common use as a colon indicator in large homemade Nixie clocks.

MTX90 promotional material, showing cutaway diagram of tube components.

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