Russian Reflector ILC1 1/7 VFD Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-07-15  


The ILC1 1/7 is a massive Russian-made seven segment display that might well be one of the largest single digit VFD displays ever constructed. The ILC1 1/7 is built using a nearly modern VFD envelope design; two plates of glass have been stretched and molded to form a hollow sandwich that contains the display components. The evacuation nipple is located on the rear of the display and can be easily damaged, special care must be taken to prevent the nipple from being crushed or broken when installing the display. THe ILC1 1/7, like nearly every modern VFD, has a control grid which allows multiple displays to be multiplexed for easier control by a microcontroller. The display's clipped corner seven-segment pattern and perfectly clear glass back make it an attractive, if expensive choice for projects; unlike most Russian surplus tubes the ILC1 1/7 can command a painful price premium due to its size and the difficulty of obtaining one outside of the Russian Federation. The example shown here was manufactured by the Reflector factory in 1992.

Special thanks to Terry Kennedy for donating this part.


Russian ILC1 1/7 VFD Display Tube
Russian ILC1 1/7 seven segment VFD display, normal operation.

Russian ILC1 1/7 Vacuum Fluorescent Display
The ILC1 1/7 is one of the largest seven-segment VFD display tubes available.

Russian ILC117 VFD Display
Close up of ILC1 1/7 display while powered.

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