Soviet Anod A106 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-06-22  


The A-106 is the selector companion to the Soviet-made OG-8 counter tube shown above. Like the OG-8, the A-106 is a unidirectional tube with 20 shaped cathodes that angle in the direction the tube is intended to spin. Unlike the OG-8, the A-106 has a large phenolic 13 pin base, and each output cathode is brought out to a separate pin. The A-106 is a fast tube; it's maximum rated counting speed is 100kHz, but it also requires a higher anode voltage than many dekatrons and will not function reliably with most of the spinner circuits available on the Internet.


Soviet A106 Dekatron Tube
Soviet Anod A106 dekatron tube

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