Burroughs BG08220-K Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-06-04  


The BG08220-K, manufactured by Burroughs, is a glow transfer counting display that defies all conventions of dekatron construction. The most obvious difference between the BG08220-K and other dekatron tubes is that the BG08220-K is not even a "tube"; Burroughs constructed the device using a glass sandwich system similar to the construction style used in their Panaplex displays. The BG08220-K is a base-24 device, the only base-24 counting tube such known, and the non-guide cathode positions are elongated and easily seen through the front of the device. The tube also has four guides, double the amount used in a standard dekatron, and is filled with neon gas for easily visibility. The BG08220-K is designed primarily for display instead of counting, and has only a single output cathode located at the 6-o'clock position.


Burroughs BG08220-K Dekatron Tube
Burroughs BG08220-K, a bizarre 'flat dekatron' with a base-24 counting loop.

Burroughs BG08220-K Self Scan Display
Unlike nearly every other dekatron ever made, the BG08220-K has four guide cathode groups, and only a single output cathode.

Burroughs BG08220-K Dekatron Tube Datasheet
Burroughs recommended circuit for driving this tube.

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