Sylvaina CT-783 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-05-04  


Most Sylvania CT-prefixed counting tubes, like the CT-4251, are merely internal part number versions of more common production parts. The CT-783 is different however, in that it appears to be the only internal part number Sylvaina tube which never saw a commercially released companion. The CT-783 is a three guide tube with forty cathodes, possibly the only 3 guide tube that Sylvania manufactured. In all other regards the CT-783 bears much in common with the much more readily available 6802, including the same envelope, base, and internal structure.


Sylvaina CT-783 Dekatron Tube
Sylvaina CT-783 glow transfer dekatron counting tube.

Sylvaina CT783 Glow Transfer Dekatron Tube
The CT-783 is the only three guide Sylvania dekatron known to have been manufactured.

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