Tesla 11TU7 Nomotron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-01-04  


Tesla's 11TU7 nomotron represents what would seem to be a final logical endpoint for a world that contains both dekatron counting tubes and pixie tubes, a glow transfer counter with actual numeral-shaped discharge indicators like a pixie tube. Despite appearances the numerals at the top of this tube are not actually cut into the shield, but are instead printed on a mica sheet. Holes punched in the shield backlight each numeral when the given cathode is selected. The 11TU7 is a 20khz unidirectional device; the tube's shaped cathodes are hidden below it's metal shroud. The tube is attractively packaged in a stubby blue painted envelope with yellow print and a metal duodecal base.

Unfortunately, the example shown here is outgassed, so you will have to use your imagination to picture what an functioning 11TU7 looks like. In operation, the tube produces an orange discharge beneath the currently selected number.

11TU7 Specification Sheet (JPEG)


Tesla 11TU7 Dekatron Tube
Tesla 11TU7 nomotron tube, at rest.

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