Raytheon CK1414 Symbolray Cathode Ray Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2011-01-02  


Raytheon's CK1414 'Symbolray' tube is a special type of monoscope designed for generating characters for data processing systems. The CK1414 works much like a vidicon tube, but instead of a light-sensitive screen, the CK1414 has a fixed metal plate which contains stencils of letters and numbers. In operation, an electron beam is swept in a raster pattern wide enough to cover a single symbol on the target plate. Electrons reflected off of the target are collected by a ring shaped collector around the perimeter of the tube. When the beam intersects a character, the flow of electrons to the collector is reduced, lowering the brightness of an attached display device's electron beam, which is being swept in the same raster pattern as the beam striking the target plate. In this way characters can be recalled at will and used to draw text and information on command. The target plate in the CK1414 contains 64 characters, which include capital letters and numbers as well as mathematical symbols and various cursor characters.


Raytheon CK1414F10C 'Symbolray' monoscope tube. The CK1414 is designed for use as a vacuum-based character ROM, with deflection plates to allow it's electron gun to be focused on a specific portion of the tube's target plate.

The CK1414F10C has a target plate with letters, numbers, and various radar characters arranged in a grid.

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