Soviet Reflector ILM2-9MV 'Jumbotron' VFD Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-11-27  


The ILM2-9MV is a large Russian three color VFD intended for use in the construction of 'jumbotron' style full color displays. This tube consists of three pixels, each constructed out of three colored bars. For either cost or availability reasons, a pale green phosphor is used for both the blue and green color bands; a colored lacquer is applied to the outside of the tube over the blue and green sections to create a three color device. The tube's rear mounted nipple has been offset so that it does not coincide with one of the display pixels. The VFD-based technology in this tube is dimmer than that in Futaba's competing CRT-based products like the TL-3508XA, but it is much easier to drive with solid state technology. The ILM2-9MV is a recent tube by Russian standards, these examples were made by Reflector in the mid-1990's for the export market.


ILM2-9MV VFD Display
ILM2-9MV three-color VFD display, normal operation.

ILM2-9MV Jumbotron Display
The ILM2-9MV was made by Reflector in the former Soviet Union for the export market.

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