Staver 402L Vane Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-11-26  


The 402L, made by Staver, is a large electromechanical vane display designed for use in scoreboards and other large format applicatons. The seven mechanical vanes of the display are controlled by electromagnets, each electromagnet contains a U-shaped core which wraps around the shafts of each vane. Reversing the magnetic field rotates the shaft of the vane, causing it to slide into the body of the display. The magnetic field is retained in the core even when power is removed, allowing a number to be displayed continuously even with no power applied. An attached PCB provides a diode tree which converts the control voltages for the 7 bidirectional coils into 14 'on-off' signals, 7 signals to set the vanes to a specific number, and an additional 7 signals to clear the vanes.

Special thanks to Brian Stuckey, of TubeclockDB, for donating this unusual part.


Staver 402L vane display, all vanes set to 'on' position.

The states of the spring loaded vanes are changed with large electromagnets.

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