Ericsson GC10A Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-10-17  



The GC10A (also known as the GC10/A), is widely considered to be the world's first commercially released dekatron. Designed and manufactured by Ericsson and released in 1949, the GC10A is a two guide, ten position device, and is packaged in the archetypal Ericsson elongated envelope that is used in many of their later dekatron products. Unlike most other dekatrons, the GC10A is filled with helium, which gives the tube its distinctive illumination color. The GC10A's complex internal construction included cathodes that were spot-welded to suspended rings and fixed in place with perforated mica supports. This labor-intensive process was abandoned in later tubes, which use a series of ceramic disks and stamped plates to support the cathodes.


Ericsson GC10/A Dekatron Tube
Ericsson GC10/A dekatron tube.

Ericsson GC10A Dekatron Tube
The GC10A is the world's first production dekatron, and was packaged in an over-sized clamshell carton..

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