Burroughs B5971 Nixie Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-09-03  



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National NL-5971 (13 segment display)
Burroughs 5971 (13 segment display, pictured in thumbnail)

The Burroughs B5971 is a small segmented Nixie tube capable of displaying both numbers and alphanumeric characters. Though the tube appears to have the same 17-segment configuration made popular by later LED displays, the 5971 is actually only a 13-segment device. The top and bottom horizontal segments as well as the middle vertical segment are each single elements, which prevents the tube from displaying a traditional capital 'Y' as well as various specialty characters. The 5971 uses the same style of oval envelope as Burroughs common numeric 8422 nixie display tube, though it is far more rare, and commands a significant price premium over the 8422 and similar numeric Nixies.


Burroughs B5971 Nixie Tube
Burroughs B5971 alphanumeric 'nixie' display tube, normal operation.

Burroughs B5971 Nixie Tube
The alphanumeric 5971 uses the same style of oval envelope as Burroughs far more common numeric 8422 nixie display tube.

National NL5971 Nixie Tube
National also made a version of this tube, the NL5971. Three examples are shown here, socketed to a small PCB.

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