Cypress 22V10 PAL Logic Array IC (22V10B)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-04-27  


The 22V10B is a tiny programmable logic array (PAL), which contains a number of logic gates whose connections can be selected electronically. This chip was manufactured in a number of different package types, the example shown here contains a prominent glass window, which allows the chip to be erased with UV light and re-used. The window covers nearly the entire top surface of the chip, forcing the part number to be printed directly on the window's surface. ICs deployed into commercially manufactured devices typically omit the window to save costs, since the chip would never need to be reprogrammed outside of the factory. The gate array inside the 22V10 is wired in a cross connected matrix and can be programmed to emulate logic systems in the range of 500 to 800 separate gates. The 22V10 also makes use of "Macro Cells" across each of it's 10 outputs, which can be switched to become additional inputs on the fly. The 22V10B shown in the photo was likely manufactured exclusively by Cypress Semiconductor.

Cypress Semiconductor 22V10B Datasheet (PDF)


Cypress 22V10B Die Photo
Cypress Semiconductor 22V10B logic array IC, basking in natural sunlight.

Cypress 22V10B Die Photo
Cypress Semiconductor 22V10 die, at 30x magnification. The UV erasure window provides an easy view of the top die structure.

Cypress 22V10 Block Diagram
22V10 pinouts and block diagram, showing the 10 programmable output Macro Cells.

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