Itron Mark III Flat Matrix CRT

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Itron Mark III flat matrix CRT, like new condition, 16 pixels per tube, designed for tiling. FMCRT cells display images using a series of flood beam CRT electron guns with controlling gate electrodes, effectively converting a typical cathode ray tube into a single pixel bitmapped device. This tube has an array of 16 pixels of four subpixels in an RGGB pattern. Like most CRTs this tube needs high voltage to operate, about 1000 volts on the large center terminal, as well as a pair of 1 volt filaments for each half of the tube, which will show up with a continuity check. The other pins take 5 volts and turn the pixels on and off in some sort of convoluted multiplexing arrangement. This is a brand new tube that has never been in a display.


Diamondvision Jumbotron Tube Flat Matrix CRT
Itron Flat Matrix CRT, normal operation.

Itron Jumbotron Tube
Itron Flat Matrix CRT, underside.

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