IEE FFD61 Aurora Display

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Aurora FFD61 minitron display, new old stock with minor shelf wear. This military grade display, with a digit height is 17mm and a package length of 28mm, it is one of the largest 'minitron'-style filament displays ever made commercially available. The photos show the display next to some of its smaller relatives to give a comparison of size. These tube-based displays were used in 70's era military equipment and are very hard to find nowadays. The segments are incandescent, this tube is in effect a lightbulb with 7 filaments. The display is in clean like new condition with only the smallest signs of shelf wear, and each segment has been tested and is good and bright.


FFD61 display
IEE Aurora FFD61 minitron display, shown next to a Wamco KW-105 for scale.

FFD61 display
IEE Aurora FFD61 minitron display.

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