Wamco KW105GH Minitron Display

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Hard to find Wamco KW105GH numeric 'Minitron'-style incandescent display, in used desoldered but tested condition. This is the rare reduced thickness version of the KW105, which is itself a tiny and hard to find display. The KW105GH is about half the thickness of a normal KW105; package dimensions in inches are 0.468 by 0.306 by 0.185. The KW105GH is rated for 100,000 hours at 5VDC, and will probably last much longer at lower voltages. This display is a desolder but has good length leads and all segments test good. If you are trying to construct some sort of wristwatch / weather balloon / deep space Nixie clock where size of extreme importance, this might be the display for you!


Wamco KW105GH Minitron
Wamco KW105GH Minitron.

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