Telefunken TLHB5400 5mm Silicon Carbide LED

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Extremely rare blue 5mm silicon carbide (SiC) LED, made by Telefunken, sky blue epoxy, new unused. Like all SiC LEDs, this is a relatively dim device, suitable for panel indicators and other similar applications. Light output is 2.5mcd, 480nm dominant wavelength.


Telefunken TLHB5400 LED
Telefunken TLHB5400 LED, powered to normal brightness.

Silicon Carbide LED Die
Silicon carbide LED die, viewed at 30x magnification.

Telefunken TLHB5400 Silicon Carbide LED
Though the TLHB5400 appears to be a mundane 5mm LED, it is actually based on early silicon carbide blue LED technology.

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