Amdahl 428A LSI IC

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This is a very rare LSI CPU IC from an Amdahl 5860 'supercomputer' mainframe. Amdahl was known for making air-cooled computers in a market dominated by water cooling, which resulted in their chips having a very unique construction. This chip is no exception, the top is dominated by a tall heatsink that would have poked into a sort of wind tunnel when installed in a computer. This chip is used, but unlike most loose Amdahl ICs, this chip is not encased in a lucite paperweight, which makes it theoretically possible this part could be used in some sort of very hardcore electronics project. (Good luck finding datasheets though!) This item will be packed in a special foam lined cradle to prevent damage to the fragile pins on the bottom of the chip.


Amdahl 428A LSI Chip
Amdahl 428A LSI integrated circuit.

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