Micro Burroughs Panaplex II Neon Display

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A tiny Burroughs Panaplex II branded neon filled display, used but tested condition. This is a neon filled seven segment display with 4 and 1/2 digits and colon in a tiny flat glass envelope, it is uncommon to see a Panaplex display that crams this many digits into such a small space. This display has full length leads and is not desoldered,and all of the segments test good. The display has a label on the back indicating it has been doped with krypton-85. Maybe it is time for someone to build a Panaplex watch?


 Burroughs C6026 Neon Display
Micro Burroughs Panaplex II Neon Display.

 Burroughs C 6026 Neon Display
Panaplex display, normal operation.

 Burroughs C6026 Neon Display
This display has full length leads.

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