Luminus XNova CXM-22-27-80-36 125 Watt LED

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Luminus XNova CXM-22-27-80-36 high power LED, clean unused condition, tested and working. These are insanely bright 125 watt LEDs, and can produce an eyeball-watering 7800 lumens of light output. Color temperature is rated at 2700K; these produce a warm white light similar in color to the output of an old-style incandescent bulb. They are obviously much brighter than an incandescent bulb however... a typical 100 watt incandescent bulb can only produce about 1500 lumens of light. Needless to say, these require a heatsink when operated at full power, and will quickly immolate themselves if ran bare. If you ever wanted to construct a flashlight so powerful that it could be seen from space, this might be the LED for you!


Luminus XNova CXM-22
Luminus XNova CXM-22-27-80-36 , normal operation

Luminus XNova CXM-22-27-80-36
Luminus XNova CXM-22-27-80-36

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